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Chapter Hall of Fame

Since 2005, the NorCal Chapter Hall of Fame has been honoring individuals who have made an impact on NorCal lacrosse in their field.


"Those who by their deeds as players, coaches, officials and/or contributors, and by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution of the sport of lacrosse to our way of life".


Nomination categories are: Player, Coach, Official, Administrator/Builder and Champion of the Game

Nominations are accepted all year with an end of May deadline for induction into that year's class.

Class of 2018
Paul Kunzel ( University of California at Santa Barbara )
Don Aiello
Matt Ogelsby (Duke University)


Class of 2017
Tim Collins (Ithaca College)
Steve Dini (Chico State University)
Laura Jennings (Wesley College)
Bill Kurz (SUNY Cortland)

Class of 2016
Doug Appleton (Brown University)
Harris Holzberg (Brandeis University)
Theresa Sherry (Princeton University)

Class of 2012
Rorke Denver (Syracuse University)
Julie Duff (College of William and Mary)
Ellee Koss (Boston University)
George Pereira (Oneonta State)
Jack Pierce (Notre Dame)

Class of 2011
Avery Blake, Jr. (Swarthmore College) (posthumously)
John Burnap (Cornell)
Joan Flagler Burnap (Duke)
Bob Shaw (Cornell)
Greg Simon (Stanford) (posthumously)
Michael Stanton (Yale)

View 2006-2010 Hall of Fame Induction Program >>

Rick Blick (Hobart and William Smith College)
Stockton Buck (Hobart and William Smith College)
Michael Gottlieb (U.S. Naval Academy)
Neil Henderson  (U.S. Naval Academy)
Johanna Thomashefski (Michigan State University)
Suzanne Brown (Rensselaer)
Jay Costello (Pomona College)
Gary Podesta (Washington and Lee)
Susan Schofield (NCJLA)
Jeff Young (University of Delaware)
Dave Giarrusso (Vermont)
Jen Lee (Skidmore College)
Alexis Longinotti (Stanford University)
Dan Nourse (Bucknell)
Iliad Rodriguez (San Jose State)
Brian Lantier (U.S. Naval Academy)
Barbara Longstreth (Beaver College
Jill Malko (Boston University)
Linda Thayer (University of Massachusetts)
Gary Alabaster (San Diego State)
Steve Alms (Cornell)
Heidi Faith (Rutgers)
Herb Finger (MIT)
Diane Whipple (Penn State)
Peter Worstell (University of Maryland)
Pete Faulkner (Stanford University)
Ray Grelecki (University of Maryland)
Hank Molloy (U.S. Naval Academy)
Jay Pearson (Syracuse University)
Sam Stadler (University of Maryland)
Carl Steiner (University of Baltimore)
Dave Tubbs (Duke University)